Getting started

(Note: Many features described in this GitBook are currently in development. This describes a first "final product", though once that is achieved, development and expansion will continue as long as the Colonies live.)

First things first: You'll need to choose a role in the colony. Currently, you can choose between Architect and Explorer (or both).

Both Architects and Explorers are necessary for the Colonies to thrive. You'll want to treat each other fairly, as you're on the same team.


Architects are colonists that own land, entrepreneurial types that have a duty to develop their land into useful settlements. Architects can build all manner of upgrades on their land plots, start guilds, and build megastructures (coming soon).

While the colonies are not strictly capitalistic (a blend of economic ideologies are at play), as an Architect you can profit from the CLNY your plots automatically generate, and from certain limited structure use fees (coming soon).

Your relationship with Explorers is symbiotic. They gather resources you'll need to build, and you generate CLNY token (the currency of the Colonies), which they'll want to purchase items or upgrades with.

To get started as an Architect, you need to acquire at least 1 land plot. See Claiming Land for details.


Explorers are the adventurous types, looking to explore the ends of the planet and the galaxy. As an explorer, you'll earn rewards for completing missions, engage in PvP competitions (coming soon), join guilds, craft items and upgrades, build mechs and droids, and join in colony-wide initiatives to build gigastructures (coming soon).

Your relationship with Architects is symbiotic. They'll want the resources you gather, and you'll want the CLNY they mint and the structures they build. No one needs sleep in the metaverse, so we Gen Z and Millennials won't have to worry about boomer landowners driving up housing prices.

To get started as an Explorer, you need to acquire an avatar (avi). See Claiming Avatars (avis) for details.

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