Land edits (Coming soon)


Architects that have more than one land plot can group their land into a single colony, applying all functions to them together. This helps players with more land more easily manage their plots, and also allows for bigger structures to be built on them in the future, and guilds with more members to be hosted.

To do so, simply select the "Group" function in the globe view of your dashboard.

Public/private land

Once missions are launched, all land automatically becomes public. This allows any Explorer to play minigames or perform missions on your land, and once revenue sharing is released, will allow you to swap some of your CLNY generated daily for some of the rewards Explorers earn on their missions. If you have enough avis to play all the missions on your plots, and don't want to participate in revenue sharing, you can make your land private to opt-out. This is reversible at any time.

Moving structures

The ability to move placed structures is in development.

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