Mission rewards

You didn't expect to work for free, did you?

As rewards for taking part in missions, Explorers receive experience points (XP), rare NFTs with in-game utility, and ORE tokens, which can be refined into resources.

The first missions release, minigames, will be a training-run and will include only XP rewards.

XP is needed to level up your avis, which grants you access to upgrades, additional missions, different mission types, and more.

XP reward logic:

A complete file can be found here

Avatar reward levelBase XP per missionRandom variableAdditional condition



+/- 70

buff/debuff based on avi profession



+/- 78

buff/debuff based on avi profession



+/- 87

buff/debuff based on avi profession





Avatar upgrades

To upgrade your avatar, you need to accumulate a sufficient amount of XP, ORE, and CLNY.

XP can be won by taking part in missions or purchased for CLNY.

A table describing costs and upgrades is coming soon.


ORE tokens can be earned by completing missions. They are a fungible, tokenized item that can be traded with other players or used in-game.

A table descrbing use cases is coming soon.

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