Building cost & limits

Because the work is so dangerous, building droids is a crucial part of the Colony. Before you build, you'll want to be familiar with the costs and other considerations.

Building Limitations

Each Robot Assembly can produce 7 droids before it will require maintenance.

You can find the current build count of a robot on your robot assembly page by clicking on your RAL in your plot.

2. Building Costs

ORE are tokens that you can earn from completing missions. Before you can use them for building, you'll need to refine them using a mineral refiner (a building which will soon be added to Architects' available upgrades).

However, as a complex resource list will take time to develop, droids can be built with raw ORE until resources are expanded.

Below is the current building cost for each basic droid:

3. Droid types, parts, and repairs

(Coming soon)

4. Assembling time

Each droid will take time to build. Time varies based on how many you're building, and what level they are.

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