The colonies operate in segmented-but-connected economies, with each DAO having the freedom to adjust its economy to what works best for its own needs while maintaining inter-chain trade routes.

Made for players

The Martian economy is entirely community-owned-and-governed. CLNY token is the currency of the Colonies, with each blockchain's colony having an initial max supply of 144,800,000 CLNY (which can be changed by a DAO vote if supply is excessively low due to burns).

With each new colonization cycle, as the colony economies are connected via trade routes, the total supply of CLNY grows by that 144.8M (over time as it's minted). The more colonies exist, the less of an inflationary effect this has relative to total supply.

A better economic system

Mars Colony is a game and community meant to be enjoyed, above all. As crypto vets and gamers, our goal is to use crypto to create something gamers actually enjoy.

As employment in late-stage capitalism becomes increasingly coercive and exploitative, we wanted to create a space where you don't have to feel like time gaming is taking away from time you could be working to meet your needs.

This won't be an income replacement for everyone, but it can be for many, and at the very least will reward you for contributing to a community and playing a game you enjoy.

As you play-and-earn, opportunities to burn CLNY token (thereby reducing supply) will present themselves. This is essentially a way of emulating the real world, in which things cost money. The difference is, you aren't paying a corporation, you're burning to reduce inflation, paying into the community treasury, or rewarding your fellow players.

It's a people-first, bottom-up economy we feel good about participating in instead of lamenting the wealth concentration and exploitation of the current world.

Simply by playing, you're creating something better.

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