First time, huh? Don't worry, we'll help you get the hang of it!

Instead of buying a game for $60 that GameStop will only buy off you for $5 next month or a download you can't resell at all, your proof-of-access to the Colonies is your NFT (either land, avis, or both).

This way, you're not paying any company for something that immediately loses value. You're either burning tokens to mint, funding the community treasury, or buying from a fellow player. And, you always own that NFT and can sell it when you want as long as there are buyers.

Martian Command will endlessly continue to build new features, missions, items, plot advances, etc, in conjunction with what the colonies request and what the DAO votes on.

The MC multiverse must be fun above all else. If any of the Atlas members in Martian Command die or leave, the community treasury can be used to hire new developers, with priority given to community members (who will still be interviewed and tested for competence like everyone else).

So, there is no "finished product", because these colonies will be living, adaptable communities. As long as there are players, there will be developers. That said, each update will take time. The first iteration of missions, mini-games, is described below.

To access missions, simply log in to your dashboard and connect a crypto wallet that contains an avatar.

Mission typeAbout


- Decrypt messages (in-development_ - Coding missions (live)

An encrypted message from an unknown source has been intercepted. Decrypt the message and store it in your logs, as it may come in handy in the future. Communications have gone down from an unknown attack vector. Generate code to re-establish connection.

Mining missions (in design)

Search for, mine, and collect resources while escaping the perils of harsh terrain and subterranean worms.

Droid missions (in concept)

Build droids to compete with them in PvP competitions.

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