Droids (coming soon)

AI-governed robots that compete in the Coliseum, perform missions too dangerous for humans, and help their creators with a variety of tasks. Sentience is unconfirmed.

Building logic

Players can build droids in any robot assembly line. To build droids, players need CLNY tokens and the resources gathered from refining ORE. A detailed breakdown can be found below:

Coming soon.

ORE can not be purchased from Martian Command. It can only be earned in missions or purchased from other players in the marketplace.

Build flow

  1. Open your Mars Colony dashboard and select an RAL from any Architect's plot (or yours, if you own one). You can use the filter function in this page to filter by droid class, level, parts, etc.

  2. Once you've selected which type, you'll see the "Assemble" button. Click it to trigger the assembling prompt.

  3. You'll see the cost to assemble, in both CLNY and resources. The cost breakdown can be found in Building cost and limits.

  4. Next, click "Assemble". Your wallet will prompt you to confirm your action. Click confirm.

It takes multiple days to assemble a robot, depending on the type and level. You will see a work in-progress notification in your dashboard.

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