Gigastructures (coming soon)

The truest heights of human achievement haven't been reached yet, and they won't be reached until we learn to work together.

Gigastructures ("gigas" for short) are insanely massive structures that can't be built by one person or even a large guild. Gigas will require immense time, resources, and CLNY to build, and will depend on the help of the entire colony (or even multiple inter-chain colonies). Gigas unlock massive new feature updates, and everyone who participates in building them will gain free access in the form of a limited NFT. Everyone who comes after a giga is built and wants to use it will also get to do so, for a small use fee (to help maintain the colony treasury, to burn, or sometimes, to reward the builders).

Examples of gigas include:

  • Inter-chain bridges

  • Colony motherships for galactic transportation

  • New maps

  • Giant on-planet structures, like a Coliseum.

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