DAO (coming soon)

Groupthink is an important phenomenon to watch for, but open, public governance is still the most fair. We'll just have to commit to progress, not perfection, and never form parties or allegiances.

Each blockchain's colony will have its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through which every player (Architects and Explorers) has equal say, regardless of how much money they have or land they own.

For decisions that affect all chains, every DAO will send represenatives to vote in a coalition of each DAO across all chains.

Everything about each colony, including the CLNY supply and treasury, is completely community-owned-and-governed.

Before the DAO is operational, Martian Command makes executive decisions while weighing nothing but the health of the project and the community's hopes.

There are no excessive profit models built into the colonies. Martian Command functions as a group of experienced community members paid fair livable wages to develop the project and advise the colonies, with small percentage-based rewards at certain launch stages shared between team members.

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